Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites: Baby Shower Gifts!

Before I had a baby, I flitted from brand to brand for different things, depending on price. However, now that I'm in charge of someone's (eek!) LIFE, I am much more brand loyal/picky! I have so many pregnant friends (I'm NOT drinking the water ;) ) so of course I'll be giving them things I have LOVED so far with my baby!
These are also good baby shower gifts because they are relevant to baby, no matter if parents are cloth diapering/sposie diapering, breastfeeding/bottle feeding, cosleeping/crib sleeping, etc!
Tekhni wraps and ring slings.
These. are. amazing. They're made here in the US, and you can find them at Baby wearing makes life with baby so much more convenient AND cuddly and cozy! These also hold their value really well so you can resell them for almost the price you pay them for! (You won't want to though, you'll want to hang on to yours forever! Snuggle it long after baby's too big for it!)
Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets.
I want these made in King size! They're lightweight and gauzy, but HUGE, like almost cover a curled-up-grownup big! I like that the majority of the prints are gender neutral too. 
 Johnson and Johnson (lavender) Bedtime Body Wash.
It calms my wild man down after a rowdy time playing outside and smells so so good! It doesn't hurt his eyes or sensitive skin either!
Any book by Karen Katz is great! 
The illustrations and colors keep baby's attention and the words won't drive parents crazy like some books do ;)

Hope this helps if there's pregnancy in the water where you are, like there is here!

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Friday Favorites: Best Weekend Trip From Columbia Edition

We recently went on a family vacation to Florida and had the best time! It was surprisingly quick, not too expensive, and we packed a TON of fun into 4 short days. We drove to Orlando from Columbia, and leaving super early in the morning (around 5) meant we missed a ton of traffic and got there in about 7 hours! 
We drove straight to Downtown Disney, now officially known as "Disney Springs" and got there at 12! We found parking in the second row, no problem, and walked on in! We'd never been and explored for about 5 hours! It will be even more fun once the baby is walking around (more chaotic, yes, but he will be more into it!). It's also good because you can spend no money (but still lots to do and see) or spend as much as you can imagine! Great for all budgets and age groups, and a way to get a Disney experience without the crush of Disney World crowds! 
We went from there to our hotel on Daytona Beach (about an hour drive, with traffic!) and of course I was in heaven. The beach is for sure my "happy place"!
 The next day we dropped my hubby off at the Daytona Speedway for the race, and while I LOVE racing, it's just not good for a baby to be around all those engines!
While I missed seeing the cars, we had lots of fun exploring Blue Spring State Park. It was around $4 for the car to enter but other than that was completely free. There was an old house to explore, a playground, picnic tables, and MANATEES!!! I'd never seen manatees before and they were magical. Completely worth the whole trip to Florida! 
The Sunday after was filled with lots of eating junk food and reading (and eating sand for a certain baby...)on the beach! We drove back super early Monday morning, completely refreshed and already planning our next trip!
It was definitely my favorite weekend trip we've done! 
I'd love info on what weekend trip from Columbia would be good to try next! 
I'm thinking Savannah?

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites: I'm Back (again) For My Birthday Edition

I haven't written in a really, REALY long time. Or run. Or really done anything just for me. Everything I've been concentrating on for the last 8 months revolves around my boys-my sweet husband and amazing son. But I'm ready to do some things for me now, or at least try to. (My birthday was earlier this week and has me feeling a little selfish!) 
I'm working on a creative, non-profit iniative. (Details soon!) I want to blog at least once a week. (We shall see...) And I'm ready to get running, however slowly, again.(I want to run 100 miles before my birthday comes back put that in perspective, I used to aim for 100 miles a month :/) Saw this quote floating all over Pinterest and it seems appropriate...minus the making money part. (Working for nonprofits and making money are mutually exclusive ;) ) We will see how this turns out- wish me luck!

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

How To Help Columbia (If You're Outta Town!)

I have lots of amazing friends and family who don't live in Columbia who have been asking how they can help, so I thought I'd make a short list (there are TONS of places/people/families who need help right now, this is just a starting point!). 

You can:

Support the Junior League of Columbia. 
There are over 1,500 members in our league, and our relief efforts are super organized and efficient! There's a list of needed items on the website, as well as a donate link!

 Order a Heart Knot tshirt! 
Proceeds go directly towards families affected by the flood. 
Here's the link: Heart Knot Tshirt

Donate to Harvest Hope here
They are doing a wonderful job of getting food, water, and hygiene supplies to the people of Columbia! As of Saturday morning, they've already served over 500,000 meals!
Directly support a family ( <- click there for a link to their page) 
who's been affected, you can include an encouraging note too! 
The Steinhaus Family has an absolutely precious little boy and their house was flooded completely. I can't imagine how we would deal if we were in the same situation with our son! 
Have your children make encouraging cards for displaced families & first responders! 
Please email me at for a mailing address to send these too, 
and I will make sure to get them to the right place! 

Thank you so much for wanting to help my #famouslystrong sweet, little city! 
"While I breathe, I hope."

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

While I Breathe, I Hope. #SCflood

My sweet little city has been torn apart by flood waters this past week. My family and friends are ok, my house is ok, and I am so thankful. Lots to repair, lots to replace, and lots of healing to go, but I have NEVER seen anything like the humanity I have seen since the destruction begin. No looting, no riots, no madness. Just people helping out in every way they can. When we went to a donation site today, they had someone direction traffic in and out because so many of us showed up to help. Please pray for my sweet city. If you'd like to help, please email me at and I can connect you with organizations/people that desperately need just about everything!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Around Columbia: The Best Places to Take an Out-of-Towner To Eat!

We are really blessed in the fact that we often have friends, family, and coworkers come to Columbia from out of town to visit! Because we LOVE to eat we always make sure to take them to restaurants that you can only go to when you visit Columbia! Of course this list is super brief, there are tons of places, but these are our favorites!
 Lizard's Thicket is best for breakfast (their omelets are AMAZING), but also great for lunch or supper too! The atmosphere is casual so all ages (even babies! In fact our favorite waitress has held our baby there before :) ) can go!
 Miyo's is Japanese food and absolutely delicious. The one downtown is our special occasion restarant-where we go for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The fried cream cheese roll is one of my favorite foods on the planet. It's very nice though so I wouldn't suggest it as a family-friendly option!
Zesto's is the most casual option but the fried chicken is so good that it doesn't matter what the occasion is (fancy or casual) because whoever you take will be THAT impressed with the fried chicken! It's also extremely family friendly (there's always TONS of kids, little league teams, etc there!). 

Like I said, there are a ton more places to eat local around here but these have proven time and time again to be our stand-bys for visitors! 
Happy Eating!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Creative Adventures: Inspiring Me Lately

It's tricky finding time to craft or be creative with a new baby, full time job, and house to take care of! I haven't been able to work on anything too recently but here are some projects that I want to try once I can figure out where to fit them in! (aka in 10 years when my kid decides I'm no longer the person he wants to be attached to 24/7 :) 
I've got an abundance of coffee cans from all the coffee we've been drinking so I'd love to make something like this!
I want to upcycle an old dress with a new hemline-

I was recently given a stack of old plates to craft with and would lOVE to create some type of mosaic pieces to use outside, maybe some pavers? I want them to look like the tabletop seen here-
Have you done any crafting lately? If so, please link to it so I can get some motivation and inspiration!